Sunken Tub

Alkemie posted about this sunken tub and I am so happy! I have been looking for a picture of a sunken tub forever. In Japan they use these kind of tubs that are in the floor kinda like we use hot tubs. I love this idea because you use less water and submerge yourself from head to toe while sitting. I just can not figure out if it is more or less dangerous than a regular tub?
There are no steps to lift your legs over but you are going down steps to get in. A hand rail can easily be added to the surface to lift yourself up? People with hot tub troubles (high blood pressure, pregnant)can use it since they can regulate the temperature. I do not know - what do you think? Functional or not?


Anonymous said…
I see myself falling in it while in a hurry. It's beautiful but I think dangerous.
Karisha Solomon said…
I think some versions come with a cover so you can walk over it. I too would def. just walk right down into it while running 10 minutes late for work. It does not have to be in the middle of the floor either. So do you think it is easier or harder to get into and out of?
Anonymous said…
I think it needs someway to pull yourself out of the water, because I don't know who wants to wait around while the dirty water drains away. Plus, the surrounding floor material should definitely be slip resistant. There are danger factors, but all tubs have those issues. If one is careful to replace the cover when it's not in use and use some sort of hand rail system, the sunken tub can be fantastic. It can also be a space saving option when you want to have the luxury sized space for a shower without getting rid of your tub real estate.
Karisha Solomon said…
I agree about the handrail. When I imagine a person sitting in a tub it seems like it would be more effort to get up from the tub by pulling on a grab bar than it would if you are sitting on a step in a sunken in tub and using a grab bar. It would be as if you were sitting in a chair vs. the floor and trying to get up.
Kirsten said…
I am looking at houses to buy and rent out for income and there is one I really really like, but I am concerned because both bathrooms have these deep sunken tubs and I can easily imagine someone falling into it. I am thinking it is not worth the liability. Not sure though how you would replace them and how much it would cost. Just my 2 cents.
Anonymous said…
We moved in a house that has a sunken tub
In the Master Bath, we've come home several
Times to find that our miniature Chihuahua had
Fallen in the tub. We no longer have a
Sunken tub. Laying it in gave me the creeps
Anyway! Glad to be rid of it!

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