Marble me

 I am really enjoying the warm light colors that are "coming back in style". I think they are classic. The raised sinks are what I created in my master bathroom but I have a dark countertop.  I enjoy the light feel of the marble.

The shower has a low step to get into. I would use some pop of color for a grab bar. Hot pink or bright red to create a contrast for the eye. Throw in a nice long teak bench, hand held shower head and a non slip "rug" outside the shower and this bathroom is user friendly.

I could not afford all marble but as you have seen in my guest bath (above).
I got the marble feel by having as my backsplash only.

Notice the similarity in the faucet styles as well.  The control does not require any turning and adds a classic rich feeling to the vanity.  I think of the faucet like a pair of earrings.  It can make or break an outfit!


Anonymous said…
Really like this marble look!
Kylie Sue said…
love it- question: do you make your own soap?!?
Karisha Solomon said…
Kylie I did not make the soap. I get it from the farmers market from artisry farms. The website is I love love love goat soap and dream that someday I will have my own goats and make soap. Do you make soap?

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