From Scratch Kitchen Remodel

I know I posted some before and after pictures of our kitchen but I do not think that I stressed enough exactly where we started from - scratch! We bought our home knowing we had a lot of work to do but we never expected to do some much in such a short time period. All the projects have been a lot of fun.
Here is the wonderful kitchen of a girls dreams. I saw the potential!!

We have gone from just floor boards to a kitchen and now the details are coming together

Natural stone just seems right

An island was created out of two separate cabinets, two wine racks and a butcher block top. The stone seals the space between the two level counter tops and lower level wine racks. The different levels lend themselves to be an eating area and working station or in other terms it is universal for everyone.

The kitchen was all beige so the first thing I did was paint the stove area a blue color to make that wall pop.

The same stone is used in the middle with a blue/green ceramic glazed tile surrounding.

See- so much better!

The theme for the top was inspired by the Julia Child cookbook I received for Christmas.

I love this readers digest setting the mood for dinner music. It actually holds records with dinner music that I plan on playing some day.

This is not the end of the kitchen updates so I will keep you posted!


D said…
Looking good!!!!
Anonymous said…
The kitchen looks awesome! It has a real inviting comfortable look.

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