Tick me off

Pets are therapy! 
There is tons of research that states petting an animal is therapeutic. I agree with this 100% This is the time of year that your pets need taking care of more than ever so they can continue to provide you with free therapy! Not only do you need to spay and neuter your pets but keep them safe by using flea/tick repellent and heart worm prevention. Most of our pets live in our homes. I really get ticked off when my dog comes into my home with muddy paws, smelling like the neighbors horses or goat but most of all if he has ticks on him. Frontline is the only product that will keep the ticks off our baby dog Cabo.
We tried the natural method of rubbing rosemary and peppermint but he
still had ticks and I mean a lot of ticks.

 Our cats stay indoors most of the time but they need protection too!

If you know someone that has trouble leaving their home be a doll and help them care for the animals that care for them each day.


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