A Girls Gotta Eat

Partners Village
is a place I would love to go for a cup of soup and homemade bread. While you are there pick up one of these bamboo trays. If you can not make it to MA they have a user friendly online store. I have not actually been to this store but someday I hope to have a store in an old farmhouse.
I think that this bamboo tray could be utilized on top of a walker to literally serve you, like this picture below.

Just because you have to use a walker does not mean you need to be treated like you are 5 years old. If your walker does not have a tray you walk along with someone else that has your plate. Someone else puts the food on your plate and carries it back to the table for you. Yuck- all I want is someone elses finger in my potatoes. Get your independence back with style. Ok - yes you have to use the walker for stability but a girls gotta eat and you may not want to wait for anyone to help you. Help yourself and invest in a walker tray.

You could even put a colorful place mat over the plastic tray.

Little Dance can turn your grandkids pictures into a place mat.


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