Cutting Edge

This is my first post! I have been brainstorming on what to write about because first impressions stick in people minds. I decided to follow my heart and just write about something that pissed me off! This story is proof that more people need to be educated on how their actions can affect a persons life in more ways than they probably even could imagine.
I had an appointment in town and as I was driving I saw this woman trying to cross in a curb cut. On her journey she goes through probably 15 curb cuts. One curb cut was full of leaves and as she tried to exit the sidewalk into the street her scooter tipped over. The scooter landed on top of her. The heavy batteries that power the scooter fell off as did her glasses and all the belongings in her purse. She was in the road and could not get up. I pulled over to help her. I gave her her glasses and she advised me on how to put the scooter back together. She was extremely embarrassed but was cheerful as she said that this is not a good start because today is her birthday. I contacted the streets department and they are aware of the leaves collecting in the curb cuts but I was told when cars park too close to the curb cut they can not get the leaf machine in to remove the leaves. Even if there is cutting edge design people's actions can still disable a person that is fully able to use a space.
This image from Noodleplay another example of a good idea gone bad.

Meeting awesome, bright people like her helps me reflect on how differently people use spaces. I am sorry she fell that day but I am glad I got to meet her. I just hope the rest of her birthday went better!


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