eat in style

The colors in these aprons are so playful. They cheer me up just by looking at them. And one size fits all.

I love the apron. It is so cute and functional!
Some people use bibs to protect their clothes from food spilling so why not use an apron with these necklaces attached at the top to create an outfit? I say -why not fancy up your dinner outer wear.

You could use costume jewelry for this project and if it comes off in the wash then no worries since it cost only pennies. If you or someone you know is having to use a bib then most likely you have lost some independence. Why not bring back some sunshine and keep a clean shirt at the same time.

FYI- The full apron is another great holiday gift idea. The half apron could be used with an attached fuzzy underneath to use as a lap blanket for someone that sits in a chair for extended periods of time.


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