The new wave on microwaves

There are so many trends in microwave placement in the kitchen. Thinking about the placement from a gerontological perspective you would want to consider the user. The user is probably shorter (we all shrink with age) and or has a hard time standing for long periods of time.
To most of my guests disbelief I have a microwave above my stove. Now I did not want this from a functional stand point but when I purchased my appliances the microwave had to be placed above the stove because that is where the exhaust fan is located. Since I bought a package deal I had no choice. I will remember this the next time I purchase all my appliances together for that great deal!
When I was collecting data for my thesis I went to this woman's house who had red marks and blisters on her neck and chest. I asked her what happened and she explained a story to me that I will never forget. She said that she put her tea water in the microwave for 2 minutes like she usually does. Well, the phone rang and she lost track of time and recooked her tea. She was not on the phone as long as she thought and her tea cup got really hot. Her microwave is placed above her stove so she had to reach up and over her head to get her cup. When she grabbed her cup it was very very hot and she jerked. With the jerking she spilled the water and it went all over her neck and chest causing the red marks and blisters. That is why I do not think it is a good idea to have microwaves placed where the user has to bring hot items towards there face.

These images are from Better Homes and Garden DIY projects.

This shows a microwave above a stove.

This is a little lower and you are not having to reach over a hot stove.

How low can you go?

Not sure if this is a microwave or oven but this placement requires you to bend over instead of stand on your tippy toes.

Not the most flattering but it is the most functional. The hot items can be moved directly onto the countertop to cool. A microwave can be put directly into the wall if you do not have the counterspace.


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