Bathroom seating

Bathroom seating is not what it used to be. You can purchase seating that is functional but it does not have to be the white plastic chairs you see in the hospital. And you can spend as much or as little as you want to achieve that extra special room that you spend so much time in.
Teak is a beautiful neutral option.

Imagine grab bars hidden behind the curtains and the floors are warm with that comfy chair waiting for you when you get out.
great interior design

What an amazing hand held shower head

I would be afaid to use these but maybe they are like melting into a cloud

Happy Hotelier
Hmmm do you think my guest would sit on one of these? How appropriate for a bathroom chair.

follow studio

If I only could have seating for several people in my shower. I would use both of these seats.

Habitually Chic

Christopher Noto

Seating in the bathroom is great for supervising bath time, taking a break after getting out of hot water and having a dizzy head, putting lotion on and getting dressed

Habitually Chic is a blog that has continued to inspire me.
These are from her blog.
Puntacana Resort

Heather Clawson photographed the below picture from
Brandley Theirgartner Interiors

I see these seats on outdoor patios, end tables for livingrooms and bedrooms. If you know you want a seat in your shower to rest, shave your legs, wash and monitor your feet but you do not want to feel stigmatized and like your mom, put one of these in for starters and upgrade to a larger one when you realize how awesome shower seats are.

La Dolche Vita featured another one of the ceramic chairs

Unknown toilet seat owner but I probably would be friends with this person.


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