Cocoon by Måns Salomonsen is combined decoration, storage and cultivation for the kitchen window. Grow spices and store fruits in the organic shape and you get both life and color in the kitchen. Cocoon is made of clay which absorb water from the cultivation, when it’s evaporates the storage is cooled down.

Do you think your garden is too hard to handle? Or maybe you just gave gardening up because you could not get up from it, literally. Do you not go to the grocery as often in the winter because of the weather and maybe you have a little depression and cabin fever in the winter months? January to March are the worst months for older adults getting pneumonia and breaking a major bone due to weather conditions. These are also the months you should be feeding your immune system and bones with nutrient rich fresh herbs and vegetables.

I love the look of this indoor garden and vegetable holder. Not to say that it can be hung at any level to meet your unique home and needs.

Food displayed appealingly can trigger your appetite to eat the right foods which in turn makes you feel better

Photography by Martin Gustavsson.

Or try this Prepara Power Plant

Nutrition and bone health go hand in hand. If you know someone that has slipped and fallen this winter give them the gift of an indoor garden.

Better Bones

Dr. Susan E. Brow PhD writes for Better Bones and explains how the healing process can be sped up with proper nutrition.

As many of you know I work for an Area Agency that works to keep older adults living in their homes and communities. When someone breaks a hip or other major bone and can not live in their own home temporarily (Usually because of design restraints) they have to go somewhere that can meet their current needs. You would think the most logical place for them to stay is a nursing home that has physical therapy located directing in the facility. It is true that they will have direct access to physical therapy but also to mostly high carbohydrate nutrient depleted foods.
When your body is healing from a sickness or injury it is the most important time to have access to fresh nutrient rich foods. So you broke your leg and can not go to the grocery store in the snow and ice and you are bored out of your mind ask for an indoor garden that you can tend to and enjoy the benefits of. You can start one in your own home and deliver to a friend. It is a gift that will continue to give all year long!!


gsolomusic said…
We love your webpage keep up the good work. Sam wants a recipe for the brownie heartshape and Dad wants a recipe for the oatmeal pancakes.
Karisha Solomon said…
Oh terrific- It sounds like the whole family is a homebody!
Brownie Secret from Jackie Wilcox:
The brownies are just a dark chocolate package mix cooked and cooled. Cut out with a cookie cutter (any shape will do). Melt dark chocolate in the microwave until all the lumps are out and spread on the brownie cut out. Put your favorite toppings on while still wet. Let sit and the chocolate will harden. Lick bowl and fingers while waiting.

Oatmeal pancake recipe:
Adjust ingredients to how many people you are serving
Serving size 1
1/2 c. oatmeal
flaxseed and bran can be added too
2 egg whites
splash of milk
stir ingredients together- should be wet but not runny. Let sit for a couple of minutes. The milk will absorb but mixture should still be wet. If needed add more milk.
Add nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, banana slices, berries and anything you have in the fridge that needs eating.
Cook in a hot skillet sprayed with olive oil, cook until golden brown. When the center bubbles is a good time to flip. Flip and repeat. Do not overcook. Top with your favorite toppings!
Each time you do this recipe it will taste different and that is great!!

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