Toast for the sicky sick sick

Well I am still trying to figure out why the world did not stop when I got the flu this last week. One thing I hear all the time from my clients and friends when they have recently had surgery or have an illness is that food does not taste good. I experienced this temporarily last week when I had the flu. Absolutely nothing tasted good but high sodium soup and plain carbs. It will be interesting to see how my weigh in goes tomorrow. I began to wonder what do my clients and friends eat when they feel horrible for months when no food looks appealing. They all have received boxes and baskets full of flowers, cards and chocolates from people who do not know what to do for them except send sweets that will turn hard by the time they actually feel like eating. I definitely think this toaster could feed the appetite and mind on those not so hot days!

Tell a friend to Get Well Soon with a practical gift that comes with a little entertainment for those long blah days

Printing Your Toast by Othmar Muhlebach

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