This is not what your grandkids are using at college


As the Viking website says this portable induction cooker delivers the efficiency, safety,and control of induction cooking in a convenient single-burner unit. Cook in the dining room, the back porch or just keep on hand for extra cooking power in the kitchen.

Who would want one of these professional units with a price tag of $550.00?
A true homebody that knows the value of a home cooked meal that is who. Lets just say sometimes the gas on stoves has to be turned off because it has become a hazard in the home. For those of you that have had to do this know exactly what I am talking about and understand the importance of being able to cook your own food but that you can not have an open flame in the home either. So this Viking unit is a perfect solution for someone that needs to continue to do serious cooking but seriously is worried about the safety of their loved one.

Watch this video online to see how
utilizing magnetic power that reacts with iron transforming the pot or pan into its own heat source. The energy transfer stops when the cook top is removed making it safe to the touch. This is perfect for the helper that is not always so helpful. The heat allows you to cook as you did before with professional performance.
Another plus is that the induction is a very green way to cook. When you turn your gas back on you can use this unit outside or on holidays when the whole family comes over and you need more than 4 burners to prepare that perfect meal.


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