Ben and Jerry

We did participate in one tourist trap while in VT. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE ice cream. We joke that someday we will have a store called The Chocolate Sprinkle. Even though it may seem like there could not be anything better than ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's factory but I did find some friendly features that really make all the participants feel like a normal tourist.

You drive up and see this very colorful building. I start to dream what it would be like to work here and I think giggles from my belly everyday would be common.

You stop at an intersection and they have a large sign with contrasting colors that is easy to read. I usually do not like white print but this works.

You take a left up to the drop off ramp. If you need a ramp you are looking for a ramp, you do not need someone saying handicap entrance through the back while your family goes in the front. Ben and Jerry's makes it a nice experience with the drop off ramp as a pleasing entrance- noticeable for all to see!

The ramp is covered, colorful and comes with a nice handrail. Look close-- the ramp is designed so the driver can pull right up and drop you off and THE SNOW IS REMOVED! It is really removed not half way. This says yes we want you to come in!

I just love information areas at parks, walking trails and ice cream factories

If you need to use the ramp but you are the driver there is parking for you. It is true people with more difficulty walking still drive and enjoy ice cream. Ben and Jerry's has handicap parking located up a little hill, but in VT it is not completely flat. Instead of saying handicap parking they get the message across with saying reserved parking. I like the way that sounds- like you were invited by the CEO and very important people are expecting you, so they reserved a parking spot for you.
That could be me eating an ice cream cone!

Hmmm ... Well in their defense only one person was parked in the handicap area. But how do they know a large group of 90 year old women are not out to party at the Ben and Jerry factory and they all drove themselves?


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