Fire and Ice

I thought I would update you on some good eats from this HomeBody.
We have been heating our house (mostly) with a wood burning insert. The wood is from our property and a lot of sweat has gone into getting it in the house.
I wanted to make roasted red pepper hummus and thought hmmm why not use the coals in the fire. So I did...

Yes it looks ashy at first but

They cleaned up beautifully. The hummus was delicious and easy to make with my vitamix.

I have to say I am so pleased with my chicks. It is so cold here and they have been giving us 2-4 eggs a day.

These are the ingredients for oatmeal pancakes. A Sunday favorite at our house.
Egg whites, milk, cinnamon, oatmeal, bran and some flaxseed = YUM

Roo even thinks it smells delicious.

I hope you are treating your body well!


The Hulk said…
All the above food sounds ohh soo yummy!

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