Food for the Body

We went home to NY for Christmas and kept on going to Vermont as a little present to ourselves. We knew we had made the right decision the moment we entered this restaurant called American Flatbread

As soon as we entered the hallway was draped with the five faces of food explaining benefits of good nutrition.

Any Homebody follower will understand how the health of your body directly affects all aspects of your life.
This sign in the background is perfectly raw!

As we traveled the 1,100 miles round trip we enjoyed our stay over in Burlington VT.
We enjoyed some healthy apps. with a few good splurges like the Cabot cheese we selected from the Cabot Creamery store on our way back from cross country skiing.

Our dog, cats and chickens were happy for us to return home.

It feels like Christmas every time we do a good grocery shopping trip. I received a few new cookbooks and was giddy to get started.

YUMMY! I guess I did not get enough flat bread in VT.

My husband made this clam sauce and I stuck to my 2/3 cup of wheat noodles to reach my weight loss challenge with a one pound loss over the holidays! I think it is my first time ever to not gain.


Wendy said…
Sounds like a great trip (and aftermath!) Thanks for coming by to see us and buying some cheese! Our famer-owners (and I) thank you!

Though it looks like you came home with quite a bit! Congratulations on losing over the holidays. That's remarkable!

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