Come Sail Away with Me

Simon's grandfather, Larry screwed his door mat right into his porch. This is brilliant for a few reasons.
1. Tripping and falling is a serious problem with mats and rugs
2. He got his screws from Jamestown Distributors, a boatbuilding and woodworking supplies company. This way the screws will never rust
3. The screws have a smooth surface and will not trip up anyone
4. It does not look obvious or out of the ordinary

Some of the best ideas for functional design comes from ordinary people solving their everyday problems. You will see more to come from Larry. He is a wonderfully talented man with lots of no fuss, down to the point solutions to all sorts of things.


Anonymous said…
Nice guys - I didn't know you had been doing this,but it lookd great and interesting = keep em oming, they had some good ideas thta'll i'll put to use....

I assume there is a awy for me to ign-up for when you do updates I'll get email udyes...

Sounds like two had a nice vacation and did some good travelling around - good for you.

Chris and I are back from Vero Beacjh Forida - lot's of fun, fishingand biking - a little cold but all in all a fine time.

Now home to Houston with cold weather (you can keep it up north from now on!

Al for now Paul.
Karisha said…
Hey Paul good to hear from you. There will be lots of ideas and products that are of course stylish and function. If you want to sign up for emails just go to the main page on HomeBody and on the top right hand corner is a orange box that says subscribe in reader. After you click that sign up for emails and enter your email address. Keep the comments coming. It is nice to know someone is reading.

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