A Pain in my --- Feet

While visiting VT I was looking for a man apron as a gift. I found one at the kittredge equipment company, Inc. They are a food service equipment store open to the public. I love these kind of stores because you can find bargains on everyday items. While I was walking around the store I found these wonderful mats used in restaurants and thought--- I bet they would work to cushion the foot like those other kitchen mats for a great price.

I do not know about you but after preparing food for several hours and washing dishes my heels feel like they could just fall off, even if I am wearing slippers.
I saw some similar mats at Lowe's as well for a little higher price- around $40 dollars.

If you are willing to invest a little more money for more of a gel cushion and funky style then you should have a rattlesnake rug!
GelPro has a huge assortment of colors, sizes and styles. For what a good pair of slippers cost I think next year I am asking for a rattlesnake rug.

Something I never knew even existed but for some reason I really want one.


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