i pad apple on the back

I do not own an ipod but I know several people who have suffered using one.
When someone starts out with vision problems (bifocals, glaucoma, far sighted...) and then has maybe fingers problems (fake nails, arthritis or just fat fingers) and then some computer illiteracy, they have a real hard time manipulating a teeny tiny computer. You know who I am talking about. Anyway, so apple now has the ipad. They are getting a lot of criticism, not over the $500 price tag, but for the lack of upgraded technology. I think they did the best addition that is a long time coming. They increased the size!! Now the user is actually able to see the screen. I think big cell phones are going to have a come back as well. It just makes sense to make products that people can use easily. Check out the ipad demonstration to make your own opinion.
Good job apple.


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