Stay in my business

I was so pleased to see how accessible the store fronts are on Church Street in Burlington Vermont. On our way home from dinner at American Flatbread we decided to walk in the main mall area. We were drown in by the sounds of the bells ringing and felt comfortable walking through because it was well lit with Christmas lights. Most important the majority of the store fronts appeared to be accessible. The stores were not open so I do not know about any automatic doors or the weight of the door (that can be a bitch to open sometimes). If the doors opened when you walked near it or did not take an elephant to open then that would add to the functionality.

Some of the side street shops had entrances like this and that is typical for the trendy shopping areas. So Kudos to VT.

Life is Good when you do not have to worry about being able to enter with out causing a scene.

I think it would be really cool if some of the golf carts I posted about earlier could transport people around outside shopping areas since it is the new "mall". I also noticed that most stores had awnings to protect you from the weather if you needed to catch cover. I wonder if the wind wips down this street?

The Body Shop has a nice smooth entrance with out any steps as well. We all like to smell good!

And we like our homes to smell good too! Shopping at the Yankee Candle store works for all ages even if you just broke your leg skiing and have to sport a fancy crutch! Yankee Candle sported a handrail for extra support.

Classiness (is that a word?- well I say it is) Classiness to me is making your products available to everyone and I may add good business managment as well because money does not discriminate so why should you?
I wish I came back to Church Street so I could go into the Pewter Store


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