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Habitually Chic featured Michael Smith of Samuel and Sons a few months back and I immediately thought of pocket doors. It may sound weird to you but look at the hardware on a pocket door.

Installing a pocket door can save actual space in the bathroom that would be taken up by the door swing. Instead of going into the bathroom the door goes into the wall. This can allow a person in a wheelchair to enter the bathroom when it may not have been possible with the swing door. Remember just because you do not need a wheelchair does not mean that you can not take advantage of a wider door. Visitors with different needs will actually be able to go to the bathroom and carrying a laundry basket with out turning side ways will be so simple that you will not understand why you did not do this before. Lastly, you will be prepared for the future.

The only trouble with a pocket door is the hardware. I have yet to see pocket door hardware that is easy to use. It is small and compact because it has to fit into the wall. If the user has any dexterity trouble they may not be able grasp that little lever and pull the door. My solution: tassels

As you can see with Micheal's collection you can match any room decor with a tassel attached to the pocket door hardware. This allows the user to pull the tassel to open and close the door.

So beautiful!


Anonymous said…
Great Idea!!! I'll try and incorporate this more within my own work-place.

Thanks HomeBody!

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